Giant Down

Christan Hip Hop Documentary Film (in development)

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Simon "Crazy C / DJ Revelation" Cullins
Platinum selling music producer. Over 20 years in the music business.


Bobby "Tre 9" Herring
Over 20 years Christian Hip Hop artist. Founder: Eyes On Me, Hip Hop Hope.


Andre "007" Barnes
Former member of Rap-A-Lot Records 5th Ward Boys. Now Christian Hip Hop artist. Over 20 years in the music industry.


Vaughaligan “Von Won” Walwyn
Former secular hip hop recoding artist and record-setting collegiate athlete. Now Christian Hip Hop artist and pastor.


Carlos Rebollar
Senior Pastor of Soujourner East End Church in Houston, TX


Terrence "Gifted Da Flamethrowa" Veal
International Christian Hip Hop recording artist.


Chris "IBC" Palomarez
Christian Hip Hop recording artist for over 20 years, motivational speaker.


Noe Ortiz
Christian Hop Hop DJ

Show your support for this film by sending your video.

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