Key Points and Messages

Hemorrhage will:

  • Educate: Raise awareness on the history and application of some but not all aspects of systemic racism
  • Entertain:While the subject matter will be heavy, this documentary will be well produced and written, keeping the viewer engaged
  • Minister:This documentary will not be overtly evangelistic in its narrative, but it will touch on the role corruption and redemption of religion and its role in solving this problem

Hemorrhage will teach on:

  • How slavery’s psychological impact still exists and affects both blacks and whites
  • Why black folks are mad, and what a lot of people don’t know about it
  • The 40 acres and a mule history and implications today
  • The story of Greenwood, Oklahoma
  • Bringing systemic racism out of the theoretically and into the actual (for those who don’t believe it exists)
  • How both blacks and whites are victims of systemic racism
    • Black victimhood is obvious
    • White victimhood in this context means having been conditioned to harbor ideas that have been formed by and promulgate systemic racism without even knowing it
  • How whites can begin and are beginning to empathize with blacks, listening to them for the first time, and what that means for America today

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