Welcome to
Fat Floyd's

The BBQ Restaurant Chain With Its Own Sitcom!

Welcome to
Fat Floyd's

The BBQ Restaurant Chain With Its Own Sitcom!

Fat Floyd's Sitcom

What happens when a sitcom and a successful restaurant join forces for Jesus? It's...

Cheers meets...

A sitcom set in a restaurant meets...


Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
A restaurant themed after a movie meets...


Texas BBQ and
Meat on a Mission!!!

About the Show

Fat Floyd's Sitcom

Big business aspirations lead to big laughs as Floyd Portz aka "Fat Floyd" has his eyes set on the big prize of becoming the next big BBQ restaurant chain!

The laughs just keep on coming when an unlikely cast of characters come together in this small town smoked meat eatery! From Ed Hopper to Pepe Sanchez to Lin Wu, Floyd's feisty number one waitress who swears she can the Asian version of Beyonce!

The Restaurant



Founder & Restauranteur

On A



yelp reviews for fat floyds smokehouse

In just 2 years, Fat Floyd's Smokehouse has grown to the highest rated BBQ restaurant in Cleveland, TX (a small city just outside of Houston).

In 2015 Terrance Levi moved away from Houston to become the Senior Pastor at the Fellowship Cleveland Church in Cleveland, TX. While there, the Lord inspired him to create a BBQ restaurant in the church that would raise money for evangelism and missions.

The Producers


Terrance Levi

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

In 1995, Terrance Levi launched Street Life Worldwide Outreach, an urban evangelistic ministry based in northeast Houston that has reached tens of thousands and has received numerous awards for innovation in ministry and media.

In 2000, Robert joined Levi's ministry team, and over the years, the ministry conducted hundreds of outreach events including car shows, sporting events, Christian hip hop concerts, cookouts, and much more.

In 2004, the team and their ministry partners produced their first feature film, and urban evangelistic drama entitled Pain. In 2006, they released their second feature film, Tales From the Players Manual Vol. 1, which was licensed by Netflix.

Over the years, they have continued to develop new concepts for movies and TV shows that deliver relevant messages of faith packaged in high quality productions and entertaining stories. Now, with Levi's successful restaurant, they are excited to begin the creation of the Fat Floyd's sitcom.

Pain (2004)

Pain Trailer 2006

Tales From the Players Manual Vol. 1 (2006)

TFPM V1 youtube thumbnail

Why A TV Show

  • High quality entertainment grounded in a Chrisitan worldview

  • Streaming programming is become more popular

  • Many successful TV shows were set in restaurants

  • Promote the restaurant on a wider scale

  • Open the door for franchising

  • Sell merchandise

  • Raise more money for missions

  • Support other Christian ministries

on the set at fat floyds

Restaurants in Popular TV Shows



Cheers (bar)



Central Park (coffee spot)



Monk's Cafe (diner)



Nipsey's (restaurant & bar)


How I Met Your Mother

MacLaren's (restaurant & bar)


The Simpsons

Moe's (bar)

Fat Floyd's Restaurant Themed After The Sitcom

  • Name menu items after characters on the show

  • Fill the restaurant with posters, signed photos, and other show-related items

  • The TV show drives traffic to the restaurant

  • The TV show drives the sale of Flat Floyd’s merchandise, sauce, etc.

  • Active cross promotion between the TV show and the restaurant


Popular Media-Themed Restaurants

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

Themed after the movie Forrest Gump


Hard Rock Cafe

Themed after music and pop culture


Central Perk

Themed after the TV show Friends (Located in the UK)


Supporting Missions: "Meats On A Mission"

Bringing donors and volunteers to ministries

  • Spotlight ministries supported by Fat Floyd's Smokehouse

  • Highlight ministry support efforts on marketing materials in the restaurant

  • Guest appearances by ministries we support on the TV show, incorporated into the story

  • Fat Floyd's Smokehouse becomes THE restaurant to support if you want to support missions

"Meat on a Mission" Podcast

A podcast/video/audio show interviewing businesses like Fat Floyd’s that help fund missions and ministries and discussing how businesses can further the Gospel.


Online Store

Fat Floyd TV show and restaurant  inspired:

  Cooking gear: aprons, tongs, hats, mugs, towels, etc.
  Bottled sauces and rubs

Club Floyd (Monthly Meats)

Monthly subscriptions for discounted food & merch

  Works like gift card preloaded with different amounts
  The higher the subscription, the greater the discount


Marketing and Launch Activities

Take the audience behind the scenes of the process with video footage such as:
  Interviews with the cast and crew
  Brainstorming sessions
  Behind the scenes of shooting and and editing
  Post all to social media to prep audience for premiere

Audience can send in ideas for the show

Launch Team
  Members will promote the pilot and/or season premiere
  An army of people who support the mission and will share it online

Social Media Contests
  Grand Prize: 1 person wins one year of free bbq - a credit of 52 purchases (1 per week) of the least expensive full meal on the menu
  Runners Up: 2 free months of Club Floyd / Monthly Meats subscription - a monthly prepaid discount card
  Lucky sauce: 100 people get a free bottle of Fat Floyd’s BBQ sauce

Ongoing Social Media After Premiere
  Social media after season launches
  Behind the scenes
  Interviews with cast and crew
  Announcing new menu items
  Other exciting and engaging content

Other Film and TV Projects

Pastor, Entrepreneur, Author, Producer: "The Life and Times of Levi"

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